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Used Tires

Afridi Trading Japan has been supplying used tires to our customers from all over the world. These tires come in all sizes and shapes. We sell these used tires on a container basis. Our professionals thoroughly check the mechanical condition of these tires to make sure that the tires meet the requirements of our customers.

Afridi Trading Sells this high quality to customers in 20 or 40 ft containers.

Used Tire Sizes Availability

Currently, we can supply all used tire sizes as given in the following chart.

Used Tire Sizes

Used Tire Sizes Availability
175-60R 14
175-65R 14
185-65R 14
175-70R 14
185-60R 14
185-65R 15
175-65R 15
195-60R 15
205-55R 16
205-60R 16
205-65R 16
195-60R 16
215-60R 16
225-60R 16
215-45R 17
225-45R 17
215-50R 17
215-55R 17
215-60R 17
225-60R 17
225-65R 17
185-55R 16
195-55R 15
195-65R 15

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