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Terms and Conditions

Simplified for Afridi Trading Japan Customers

Getting Started

When you use our website services (referred to as "the Service"), you're agreeing to these terms between you (referred to as "users") and Afridi Trading Japan (referred to as "the Company"). For purchase-related terms, check the relevant sales terms and conditions.


To sign up, follow the process set by the company. We decide whether to approve applications. We may decline if your info is inaccurate, you've violated our rules before, or for other reasons we find inappropriate.

User ID and Password

Keep your user ID and password secure. Don't share them. Any actions using your ID and password are your responsibility.

Things Not to Do

While using our service, please don't:

  • Break the law or act against morals.
  • Engage in criminal activities.
  • Harm our servers or networks.
  • Disrupt our services' operation.
  • Collect others' personal info.
  • Pretend to be someone else.
  • Support criminal organizations indirectly.
  • Do anything we deem inappropriate.

Service Restrictions or Suspension

We might limit or suspend service without notice for reasons like maintenance, force majeure, or technical issues. We're not responsible for any resulting damages or losses.

User Registration Limits

We can restrict or end your registration without notice if you violate terms, provide false info, or for other reasons we find inappropriate. We're not responsible for any losses or damages.


We're not responsible for info provided by users. We don't accept liability for any losses or damages, whether our fault or not. We're not responsible for issues caused by downloading or uploading files.

Changes to Service

We can change or cancel parts of the service without notice, and we're not responsible for any resulting damage.

Changes to Terms

We can change the terms without notice, and you're bound by the updated terms.


Any communication between you and us will follow the method specified by the Company.

No Transfer of Rights

You can't transfer rights or obligations without our written consent.

Governing Law

These terms are governed by Japanese law. If there's a dispute, the Japanese court with jurisdiction over our head office will decide.

Sales Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms

  • Products from Afridi Trading Japan are sold based on FOB or C&F or CIF terms.
  • If export inspection is required at the buyer's country due to import regulations, the inspection type and requirements must be communicated by the buyer before export.

Deposit and Transaction Fees

  • A minimum of 50% to 100% deposit of the total C&F is required for processing the shipment.
  • All transaction fees must be fully paid by the buyer.

Discounts for Early Payment

  • Further discounts are provided for 100% payment prior to exportation, ensuring a one-time payment to save on banking charges for both the exporter and importer.

Shipping Order and Consignee Information

  • Upon ordering the shipment, a Shipping Order (SO) or Bill of Lading (BL) draft will be supplied to the customer.
  • Customers are responsible for informing any changes in consignee information at this stage.

Documentation Process

  • Once the final balance is confirmed in our account, all necessary documentation for the import process will be supplied via DHL to the appointed address given by the buyer.
  • The DHL tracking number will be provided upon dispatch.

Included in DHL Package

  • The DHL package will include:
    • Original Invoice
    • Original Export Certificate (Japanese)
    • Translated Export Certificate (English)
    • Two Copies of the Original BL
    • Original Export Inspection Certificate (If required)

Final Balance Payment

  • The final balance of the total FOB,or C&F or CIF price must be paid within 7 working days after the departure date.

Forfeiture Rights

  • If the customer fails to pay the balance in full within 10 working before the ETA at the destination port, Afridi Trading Japan reserves the right to forfeit the original deposit.
  • The unit may be sold to a different customer to ensure full collection for Afridi Trading Japan's security.

For any clarification or additional information, please contact Afridi Trading Japan through the provided contact details.

Call : +81 8051730786

Email :

Fax : +81 489205825