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About Us

Japanese Used Cars from Afridi Trading Japan

Afridi Trading Japan. is one of the oldest Japanese Used Cars company in Japan. It was established in 1970, more than 40 years ago. The basic aim of the company has always been to serve its customers locally and globally. Thanks to the valuable support by our large customer base, we have been able to grow our business within Japan and internationally. We strongly believe in the following.

  1. Company established in 1970
  2. Reply to All your inquiries within 24 hours
  3. Has served thousands of customers in Japan and globally
  4. Easy Export Procedures highlighted on our website
  5. Multilingual sales staff who can assist you at every step of the sales process
  6. Expedited Shipment to your destination port

Special Services by Used Japanese Cars Exporter: Afridi Trading

Afridi Trading, a high-quality Japanese Used Cars, has a unique advantage over the other Japanese Used Cars companies operating in Japan. It has the following competitive advantages which no other company offers in the Japanese used cars industry in the country.

  1. Longest history of operating in the Japanese Used Cars Industry in Japan (Since 1970)
  2. THE most experienced company in the used japanese cars field
  3. Has been providing the best customer service to its valuable clients all over the world
  4. We make sure the cars you buy from us have no major mechanical problems

We have been consistently beating our rivals in the Japanese used vehicles industry on all the above counts. We are confident you will be 100% satisfied with our fanatical customer support. If you have any doubt or have any questions/comments, please contact us at your convenience.

Afridi Trading Japan Special Warranty System

You can choose between two kinds of warranties: Professional Warranty and Premium Warranty. Professional Warranty : (compulsory, US$ 50): Covers vessel sinking, fire, or loss of cargo. Coverage Limit: Full CIF Amount. Coverage Area: From Nagoya, Japan to unloading point at your destination seaport yard. NO CLAIM ACCEPTED, after unloading your vehicle at your destination seaport yard. Premium Warranty :(optional, US$ 110): Covers vessel sinking, fire, or loss of cargo, damage (except by force majeure) and theft (except original audio/accessories). Coverage Limit :Full CIF amount. Coverage Area: From Nagoya, Japan to Pick up point at your destination seaport yard (BEFORE DELIVERY). NO CLAIM ACCEPTED after you or your clearing agent picks up your vehicle at your destination sea port yard.

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